Windows RT Citrix Receiver 1.3 With Citrix Web Interface 5.4 using a Netscaler 10.1

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I have recently had to get the Citrix Receiver to work on Windows Metro on a Surface. After a number of frustrated hours looking over Citrix articles and forums noticing a number of people where having the same issue, I decided to dig into it a little deeper.

I did some TCPDumps on the netscaler and noticed that event though in the Profile was configured with the correct Expressions and URL’s it still did not work. IPAD and Android are working ok. What I noticed in the TCPDUMP was the Windows TR client called for /Citrix/PNAgent/config.xml




















I temporarily created a standard PNAgent site on my Web Interface server and it worked, however this customer could not use this for the NetScaler as the PNAgent site was already in use.

So as a work around solution I created a rewrite policy to rewrite policy to rewrite the incoming URL request on the Virtual Server.

ReWrite Enable










Ensure ReWrite is enabled on the NetScaler








Create a policy with an expression to match the Citrix/PNAgent

This means this policy will apply to any URL that matches the criteria.











In the Policy actions, we configure this to pick out the second part of the URL



We then tell it to replace this with NSGA_MOBILE resulting in a URL of /Citrix/NSAG_MOBILE

Due to us just rewriting this one component are requests after this will still be honoured and not touched.

vServer Binding




 I now need to link the policy to the virtual server

 NOTE: I have not got the SSO component to work yet, therefore the user will enter the username and when they go to connect to the application it will ask for the username and password again but in the format of domain\username.

I have tried this format at the initial password screen but it fails. I am guessing this is due to it not asking for a domain like the IPAD receiver is.